It’s important to think of Digs as a long-term solution to fill your sales funnel. You can’t post your link on social media once or twice and expect hundreds of your contacts to sign up. However, if you’re strategic with the placement of your link and incorporate it into everyday communications with leads and clients, you’ll start to see your funnel being filled.

Below we’ve outlined 15 of the easiest ways to get your contacts and clients saving with Digs:

1. Send out an email to your database

There’s no harm in sending out a mass email to your entire database, especially when you have a specific offer like the $100 bonus your clients receive by signing up with your unique Digs link.

A word of warning: work your offer into a relevant email about saving for your first home. Don’t use subject lines like “$100 offer” or “Exclusive $100 bonus” because Gmail and other email clients will likely mark this as spam. Instead, try something like “Try this new home savings tool,” or “How to save for your first home.” Once you explain what Digs is and why it’s useful, you can paste your link below and talk about the $100 bonus there.

2. Place your link strategically in drips

If you’re like us, you probably use drip campaigns to automate your follow up. This is a great place to mention your Digs link. Here are a few scenarios that could work really well:

  1. After you’ve rented someone an apartment
  2. Even if a contact doesn’t lease with you, they’re still a great candidate. Example: Hi Client – if you’re looking to buy in the future, I offer a tool to my clients to save for their home. If you sign up with my link, you’ll also get $100 to get started!
  3. After a lead has gone cold
  4. A reminder email every quarter in case someone in your database had wanted to sign up, but forgot

3. Add your link to your email signature

This is an easy way for your link to be ever-present in discussions with clients. We recommend linking descriptive¬†text instead of simply copying and pasting your raw link. Phrases like “Save for your first home” or “Sign up for a home savings account” have worked well for agents in the past. See an example below:

4. Add your link to your Zillow profile

Anyone who searches your name will likely find your Zillow profile. This is another easy place to set and forget your link. Don’t limit this to your Zillow profile, though! Add it to any other listing sites like Trulia,, Redfin, and others.

5. Don’t exclude rental listings!

Renters are perhaps the best candidates for a Digs account, so don’t exclude your link from Zillow Rental Manager, Zumper, and other rental sites.

6. Add your link in Rentlinx and other syndication services

Syndication services are an even easier way to get your link out there. If you have a place for a website link or bio, simply add it in one place and it could potentially get syndicated to dozens of other websites.

7. Share your link on Facebook with relevant content

If you are like many agents these days, you probably share listings and articles on Facebook to attract more clients. Content marketing like this is a great opportunity to pepper in your link, especially if you share it along with an article about closing costs or saving for a down payment. Your followers will thank you!

8. Share your link on LinkedIn with relevant content

Don’t underestimate the power of LinkedIn. It has become the largest professional network in the world and is a great platform to position yourself as a real estate expert. If you’re already posting on Facebook as mentioned above, it should be easy to copy and paste posts right into LinkedIn.

9. Share your link on other social media sites

Other social media sites like Instagram and Twitter also have their benefits. Just be careful not to spread yourself too thin. We usually try to focus on 2 channels, 3 at the most.

10. Add your link to your social media profiles

Be sure to add your link to your actual profile on the social media sites you are active on. Especially Instagram and LinkedIn, where people often go to find out more about a business or individual. This is another great way to set and forget your link. It’s also a great place to reference your link in topical posts. For example, it’s common to say something like “link in bio” when posting on Instagram.

11. Host a first-time homebuyer seminar

person standing in front of brown lectern
You’ve probably seen, or even hosted one of these events before. This is the perfect time and place to mention Digs and tell people about your unique link. Probably the best time to mention it is after you’re done with your presentation on the last slide of your powerpoint. If you print out brochures or other marketing material, you could also place it here.

12. Host a first-time homebuyer webinar

Different than an in-person seminar, a webinar can be reused over and over again. If you do webinars right, they can be a great, long-term lead source. There are many different ways to run a webinar, but our favorite is getting multiple industry experts together to discuss and answer questions about specific aspects of the home buying process. This could lead to more great content and you could potentially break up the webinar into multiple, smaller ones later on. You’ll want to record the webinar to make it available for people to download on your website, blog, and social media channels. There are plenty of free webinar softwares out there to use. Here are a few: (yes, they offer webinar services), Zoom and ezTalks.

13. Add your link to your blog bio or guest post bios

By now you’ve probably noticed a theme…anywhere you can add your unique link easily with minimal work is the best strategy. Your blog bio or any other bio where you are an author is another great place. Most agents probably don’t have a blog, but guest posting on sites like Inman, Bigger Pockets, and other industry blogs (especially local ones) can have a surprisingly large effect on your business.

14. Print it on the back of your business cards

Agents are always giving out business cards. It could be worthwhile to mention the $100 bonus and add your link to the back of your business cards – especially if it’s currently blank.

15. Get creative! There are plenty of other ways to share

These are just a few of the ways we’ve found to be effective methods of sharing your Digs link with your network. We encourage you to get creative and think of more ways to share! If you find something that works well, don’t hesitate to share with us – although we’ll understand if you want to keep your secret sauce a secret.

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