Digs for Agents

Stay top-of-mind as contacts save for a home and automatically educate them on the buying process along the way.

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Drop the mailers. Let's get modern.

Nobody needs another magnet. Give your tech-savvy contacts a tool that helps them reach their goal of homeownership.

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Position yourself as the expert that you are

As your contacts save, you will automatically send them relevant content depending on where they are in the saving process.


Timing is

Follow your savers’ progress through your agent dashboard and reconnect with them at the ideal time; when they are actually ready to buy.

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$49/ month

Includes all of the features mentioned above, plus a whole lot more.

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  • Unlimited savers
  • $100 gift to all savers (paid by Digs)
  • Branded landing pages
  • Branded financial notifications
  • Branded content emails
  • In-app contact module
  • Agent dashboard
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