Ugh! Moving! Just that simple word can cause some to want to crawl under the covers and binge on House of Cards for the seventeenth time. You, unfortunately, probably don’t have time to do that, so follow these seven tips for a smooth move. Trust us; whether you’re moving from a Minneapolis studio where rent prices are affordable or a New York City luxury unit, these moving tips will help!

1. Get rid of your junk

It may seem like valuable stuff at first, but in reality, it may be something you can live without. A box of VGA cords? Three old computer monitors? The lawnmower you are keeping “for parts?” If you can live without it, it’s probably best to say goodbye. Plus, it’s better to dispose of that stuff rather than move it.

2. Have a sale

Yard sale, estate sale, Craigslist sale, moving sale, or rummage sale—they all have that magic word—sale–in common. Get your stuff out on the driveway, make some lemonade, get some cash back so you have change, and move that stuff out to friends and neighbors and let them foist it upon someone else if they later decide that they don’t need it. You’ll pick up some extra cash and won’t have to pack useless items. Be sure to get a Venmo account if you don’t have one to facilitate easy cash transfers as you sell your things.

3. Pack in an organized manner

When packing for a move, organization is key. Even if you’re typically not a neat freak, try your best to pack in a consistent manner, labeling boxes and bags as you go. You’ll thank yourself later! As the storks say, “Get a plan. Stick to the plan.” Pro tip: start with the least-used room and leave the kitchen until the end so that you won’t have to eat fast food every night – unless of course, you’re looking for an excuse to get some takeout.

4. Get help

No, we don’t necessarily mean psychological help – although you might need some after a stressful move. We are talking about moving help. The kind of moving help you wish you would have gotten when you’re stuck on the slippery basement steps with a 500-pound freezer staring you in the face. Another important technical point: stay away from the gym on moving day. Just be sensible. If you were buying your first home, you’d get help. So, do the same when moving.

5. Pick your method

No, you don’t necessarily need a giant moving van company to come and pack up all of your stuff and drive it to your new digs. And just because some large companies may be notorious for complaints doesn’t mean they are all bad . Just do your diligence!

6. Container moves

Some people swear by container moves. Get a cube dropped at your home, fill it up, and unload it when it arrives at your new place. Your secure lock means no one is going to have access to your belongings except you. Back to the help thing—we suggest you find movers that know how to pack a container for life on the road.

7. Like to drive? Rent a truck

If you like to drive, consider renting a pickup truck. Most are equipped with automatic transmissions so even your mom could drive one. If you need more room, however, you may need a large moving truck.

If this is your first move, we respectfully suggest that you do some careful planning and research so that you can execute the move with as little stress as possible!

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